Enjoy hiking the beautiful rainforest of Puerto Rico on private land away from the large tourist crowds. Our local guides take you off the beaten path to natural swimming pools, waterfall slides, cliff jumps and rope swings! Swim in 6 Waterfalls, go down 2 Waterfall Slides, and get a chance to do some river Snorkeling when the waters permit. Get time to relax in 3-4 natural pools.

  • Must wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes.
  • No sandals or water shoes.
  • Bring a dry change of clothes and a towel.
  • Do not bring valuables or anything you do not want getting wet.


Do not miss this adventure while in Puerto Rico. Fully guided trip into one of the most amazing natural phenomena of the world. Paddle through mystical mangrove channels to the Laguna Grande. Get time to kayak in the lagoon and the tour guides explain the flora, fauna, and how the bioluminescent works.

Our Bio Sunset Cruise at La Parguera is where you get the fullest experience. Take a short boat ride to Caracoles Island for 1 hour of beach time. Relax in crystal clear waters as the Sun sets on the west coast taking a picture-perfect light show. From here we have a short ride to the lagoon where you will meet our glowing friend, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, a microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand at its brightest.

  • Please bring a dry change of clothes and a towel
  • Sandals or water shoes is all you need.
  • Try not to wear additional chemicals on your body that day.
  • No flash lights or headlamps.


Whether you are interested in underwater guided tours, seeking your first Scuba Diving experience, looking to advance beyond your current certification level, or just want to snorkel about in our warm Caribbean waters — Puerto Rico is a great destination! The sites that we dive or snorkel are just a short boat trip offshore in Fajardo, and are made up of an archipelago of small uninhabited coral island atolls, so that our captain is able to anchor leeward off of the little islands making for calmer sea conditions, interesting coral reefs and abundant sea life! We have options for shore dives and snorkel, and wall dive for the experienced divers. What ever your level and comfort, we got you covered.

  • Extra change of clothes and towel
  • Take Dramamine the night before and morning of. Any motion sickness remedy is recommended
  • Must know how to swim


8 Zip Line Tour has sit down lines starting at 120 feet up. As you go from one line to the next they get taller, longer, and faster! Line 7 is a quarter mile long and 300 feet up. Line 8 is Half a mile long and 600+ feet up!! The BEAST line is 800+ feet up and almost 1 mile long! On this 1 line you are strapped facing down in a flying position as you reach speeds up to 75mph. This is our 2nd longest and tallest in the park. The MONSTER Line is our newest addition to the park. Fly our 1200 feet up and 1.5 mile line! This line reaches speeds up to 100MPH!

  • Wear tennis shoes, there is light hiking involved. NO open shoes or Chacos allowed. Must wear closed shoes to protect feet.
  • We recommend no tank tops or short shorts due to the harness equipment.
  • Bring bottle of water and extra change of clothes. It is a rain or shine tour.


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